Friday, June 29, 2012

Follow Friday--June 28, 2012

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It is 104 degrees where I live. I've spent most of the day outside, working at day camp, walking places, or at the pool. Right now I'm inside, but it is still so so so hot.

As for the meme it is hosted by Alison Can Read at Go to her website or click the button for the official post/link/rules. Basically they ask a question, we all answer it, link up on their websites, and check each others answers out, follow and comment, and they follow back.

Q: Birthday Wishes -- Blow out the candles and imagine what character could pop out of your cake...who is it and what book are they from?

I love this one, because my birthday is July 18th, so it's coming up soon. Less than a month!

I would choose Emme from Take a Bow, because I love music and we could write songs together and she could sing mine, because I can't sing and she cuold teach me how to play the guitar and I could be in her band. I'd also be a much better friend to her than Sophie is, because Emme would make an awesome best friend. We are both very loyal to people we love.

I'd also choose Terra Cooper (North of Beautiful), because I love art, but have never truly pursued it as a passion. I love to draw and paint, paint, paint. Esp with watercolors. I also figure Terra and I could go geocatching together and could travel all over the world. And she's smart so she could tutor me/help me in math class in college. I hate math LOL

Then there's Anna and all her running friends (Moonglass), and Quinn & all the women in the book (The Secret Life of Prince Charming). I love running (I run xc) and I just loved TSLPC and all those strong, determined, big hearted, loving women. They would make for a great group hug.

I could see myself, Emma, Terra, Anna, and Quinn being best friends if we all lived in the same neighborhood, went to the same schools, grew up together...if they were real. *sigh* I mean, they are real inside of their books, their stories, but not in my life.

All characters are real inside their own stories.

Thanks for reading; Please comment and have a great Friday! Try to stay cool:)