Wednesday, December 28, 2011

In the Arms of Immortals and Demonglass

My winter break is over. Sadly. I'm writing this on my first day back. Thus, to plan my week. I'll be blogging all the rest of this week.
First, I'll go over the readathon books: In the Arms of Immortals and Demonglass.

In the Arms of Immortals is by Ginger Garrett. It's about a nurse who steals a story from one of her patients, and then is sent into the story (or the sequel). There is a lot left unclear. Anyways, Marisska is sent back to Sicily in 1349, at the time of the Black  Death. The Destroyer arrives, bringing the Plague. No one knows where it came from or how to stop it from spreading. Not the dying, old baron who rules the town. Not the outcast healer, Gio who lives on the outskirts of the port city. Not the baron's proud daughter, Panthea. Or the powerful night who lives her, Armando. Not the priest, Lazzaro, who angers at Gio, his lost love, and the baron who enslaved him. The books goes through the lives of these five characters. Marisska wants to help, but can't speak. More and more people die. The only way to live is to accept grace and mercy, to forgive and be forgiven.
While ITAOI does incorporate such topics as angels, religion, God, art, power, oppression, control, disease, it leaves a lot out. There's so much that isn't clear, and it really bugs me. I'm still left with a lot of questions. And a lot of things bugged me about this book. I haven't read any of her other books, but I was told the first book is a lot better.

Demonglass is written by Rachel Hawkins. It's the second book in the Hex Hall trilogy. Sophie Mercer wants to go through Removal. She can't stand the thought of being a demon, hurting people she loves, even killing them. The Removal will take away her powers. Only her father is against it, and he's head of the Council, also a demon. Sophie and her friends, Jenna (vampire), and Cal (warlock), go to stay at the Council's headquarters for the summer. Sophie thought that she and her father were the only demons in the world. But two others are there--Nick and Daisy, who are a lot more dangerous that Sophie thinks. There's also the Eye, and her beloved Archer. How can she reconcile her feelings to do what's right and her love for him?
Compared to the first book, I didn't really like Demonglass at all. It's weird. Too much stuff about demons and powers. I'm still going to read the third and last book, because I want to know what happens to Sophie, and the ending is a cliffhanger in this book. As for the characters, they change. Sophie starts to get involved with her history. Jenna falls in love. Archer appears several times. Cal is just the good guy, poor him. The Council is a bunch of weird freaks who want to control each other. Well, I look forward to reading the next book, and hope it's better.

Other readathon books will be in next post.