Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wrapping Up 2011 Readathon

Began yesterday and runs until December 31.

I've already completed one book! It's called In the Arms of the Immortals by Ginger Garrett.
Here's the summary for a it. Review coming later.

It starts when a strange ship docks in the village harbor. That night an old man falls ill…then the baker’s wife…then a street urchin. By morning half the townspeople are dead and more are dying—horribly. And no one in town has a clue how to stop it. Not the local priest. Not the rich baron or his powerful knight. And not the three women at the heart of this book: the baron’s proud daughter, Panthea, the outcast healer Gio, and Mariskka, an unwilling visitor from another time. This fast-moving, richly imagined tale is a sure winner for lovers of historical fiction. (from Good Reads)

My other books:
Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters (really need to finish this one!)
Friendship on Fire
The Night Tourist
Keys to the Castle
The Red Umbrella

We'll see how many I finish! I hope it's more successful than my last readathon!

Coming up: Blog Giveaway! Yay! Have a Merry Christmas yall!