Friday, December 30, 2011

Fins are Forever, The Girl of Fire and Thorns

These are the other two readathon books I read.

Fins are Forever is by Tera Lyn Childs. It's the second book in the Fins trilogy. It takes us beyond Lily's decision to stay on land with her beloved, Quince, despite the fact that it means giving up her title to the crown. Lily's a happy girl, until her cousin, Doe, shows up. She hates humans, because the killed her parents in a fishing boat accident. And when Doe bonds with Brody, Lily has to separate them. Or is Doe really is love? When a merman from Lily's past shows up, Tellin, the waves get rough. He asks her to bond with him and co-rule their kingdoms together. His needs help--her and her kingdom's help. Will Lily chose to remain the heir of the ocean or stay on land with Quince and help the ocean on land?
I LOVED Fins are Forever. It's as good and consistent with the first book, unlike many second books in trilogies. Tellin is quiet an interesting character, puzzling Lily--and me. Several of the characters change. They fully understand consequences (unlike so many other people)

The Girl of Fire and Thorns is by Rae Carson, and it is her first novel. Elisa is the chosen one of her century, bearing the blue godstone in her navel. Elisa is the younger, the weaker of two siblings. Her sister is the rightful heir, so Elisa is married to Alejandro, the older and very handsome king of a neighboring country. A country that is in turmoil and distress over an impending war. When Elisa is kidnapped by revolutionaries who want freedom--to be their own nation, she is put in danger, and is forced to face the grueling conditions of the desert. The war is coming, and Elisa is the land's biggest hope. If only she can have be the woman she's meant to be.
I LOVED the Girl of Fire and Thorns. It was so bloody good. However, I recently learned that it's a book in a TRILOGY. I think it should be a stand alone novel, because it's so good, and really doesn't need other books. Rae. This book is similar to Tamora Pierce's novels, which may be why I liked them so much. Rae Carson is good on her own, too, though. Elisa, Armando, Humberto, Cosme, all the characters are so amazingly crafted, and their names are their own. Special like them. I can't give this novel enough praise.

I have to go, but I will review Trickster's choice later. Out of these books, I would say DEFINITELY read the Girl of Fire and Thorns. I have to finish school--only one more hour left! But it's math so blah. Wrote most of this in lunch and economics. I hope yall have good days, even if mine is boring.