Friday, December 23, 2011

Die for Me and Forgive my Fins

Basically I have an hour to write about these two books. Because they have to go back to the library today! But I'm getting about 5 or so new books to read.
Here they are: 
Die for Me
Forgive my Fins

First up, Die for Me by Amy Plum. It's told by Kate, who moves to Paris with her sister, Georgia, to live with her grandparents. She struggles to deal with the loss of their parents, and the move. At a cafe one day, she meets Vincent.  As Kate gets closer to Vincent, she also gets closer to danger. Because Vincent isn't human. Because Vincent has enemies (and friends, too). Vincent is a revenant (I know I didn't spell that right). He (and others of his kind) die for others and come back to life. It's very interesting. When Georgia gets involved with the bad guys (who kill the revenants), Vincent, Kate, and Georgia's lives are put in danger. On top of all of this, Kate struggles to deal with the fact that if she stays with Vincent, she won't have a normal life. Will she choose her heart or her head?
You could say I found this novel interesting. It's not the best, but it's not the worst. It kinda just falls in between. I think that it could be a standalone novel, but it's going to be a sequel. That bugs me. A lot. I'm not really sure why. Back to the book: Kate is a good narrator, and her fears are very real. She thinks about the present and her future. Unlike a lot of characters, Kate knows that there are consequences to her choice. She is a very kick-but gal, but also has her personal struggles and grieves. I enjoyed reading her story. Vincent and the whole revenant thing was different. I'd never heard of it before and I find it interesting, but a little strange. But I guess I've read stranger books! The cover is beautiful! (Although I don't understand why she is standing on a roof). I liked most of the book-the characters, the plot, the ending. I'm ready for more Amy Plum, when you are! (OH and the second book is called Until I Die AHH!)

Okay, moving on. Forgive my Fins is by Tera Lynn Childs (don't you just love her name?). It's the story of Lily, princess of a mer- kingdom. She's a mermaid; her father is king, and her mother was a human. Lily is a high school senior, and has spent all of high school living on land. In order to take the throne after her father, she has to "bond" with a merman or a human man. Lily picks a guy out who she has a huge crush on, but he may not be the "one" for her. When Lily is supposed to meet Brody (the guy), her doesn't show up. Someone else does. Quince. If Lily belongs in the water, Quince belongs on land. So when, Quince kisses Lily, she bonds with him. Basically, kiss equals bond. Oh, and mermaids bond for life. The only way out is a separation, but her father is not too keen on the idea. And as Lily gets closer to Quince, the more doubts she has about Brody. Having a separation may be harder than Lily thought! She is, however, determined to get on, but will it cost her her heart?
I LOVED Forgive my Fins. Need I say more? LOVED in capital letters is a big deal, right? Although, maybe I should say more. Okay, about the characters-Quince is a Mr. Darcy. Lily is an Elizabeth (sort of) Basically, they're perfect for each other. If only Lily will see it/see that Quince is the one. And Lily's dad! He's great, too. I loved his character. And today, I'm getting the next book from the library! Ah! I love books!

I have to go, but READ these novels. I loved all of them. PEACE OUT. Rachel