Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cover Love Thursday--July 5, 2012

This week's cover:

Sever by Lauren DeStefano

Why I chose this cover:
If you've been alive (or on twitter) at all the past couple of weeks, you have seen this. Now I loved the wither cover and thought the fever cover was creepy. I think what I love the most about these covers is the SYMBOLISM.

In Wither, the ring is on her finger and the bird is in the cage; Rhine is wearing a (weird, in my opinion) dress and cool eyeshadow, and sitting in a fancy chair. She does not look ready to face the world. The cover matches Rhine in Wither. She is Landon's bride, his prize. She's belongs to Landon, hence the ring. She's the bird, not allowed to fly away. She's kept caged. But she escapes. She escapes, because she has to. Because she's withering.

In Fever, Rhine is wearing a pretty dress, but is on her knees, head raised, looking defeated, like she's giving up. She is still not ready, still being oppressed, even though she has fled with Gabriel.  She's holding cards and is surrounded by cloth and cases. Her hair looks better, but mainly the cover makes me think of Fever, as though there is a sickness, because not all is right in Rhine's world. The ring is still on her finger.

In Sever, Rhine is sitting up straight and is wearing such a nice dress. The bird is perched on a ledge and the ring is off her finger. She's free, severing her life from Landon and his creepy father. I also love the bright green. Wanted to get my nails done in this color green, but haven't found the color yet. So I settled for a very light and very pretty pink. I also love the purple of Wither. I love the pose in Fever the most however (even though it doesn't have a very colorful cover)

So yeah, I basically love these books and their covers and cannot wait for Sever to come out.
Here's the link to the USA today article on this cover:
Here is the trailer for Fever:
Here's the trailer for Wither:

 Aren't these trailers awesome? So ready to see the Sever trailer? And really need to reread Wither and Fever before Sever comes out! So much to do!

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