Thursday, January 27, 2011

this month's "sequels", Alethea, I am book obsessed

January has 3 P&P sequels:
According to Jane (sort of), the Exploits and Adventures of the Miss Alethea Darcy, and the Phantom of Pemberley

I've finished According to Jane, and the second half of the book was much better than the first. Ellie does thank Jane for her advice, but admits that she wants control of her own destiny. Ellie is a romantic and reminds me of Kitty Bennett; she's a mix of the two of them. But she ultimately tries to be Elizabeth Bennett and fails. She is searching for her own "Mr. Darcy" to no avail. At the age of 34, when her high school love reenters the picture, she knows he's the one. Sam Blaine goes from being a Wickham to a Darcy. We don't know that Ellie gets the happy ending, but I found it quite obvious that she would end up with Sam. It just made sense. I actually found that I liked Sam's character far more than I liked Ellie's. Jane, is of course, the best character. This book would have been better if it was about how true love waits and if Ellie had listened to Jane. I mean, if I had Jane Austen, in my head, I would have listened! The Fool!

So good riddance to that book.  And on to the Exploits and Adventures of the Miss Alethea Darcy by Elizabeth Aston. This novel is about the youngest of Mr. and Mrs. Darcy's youngest daughter who marries a man who controls her. So Alethea decides to runaway with her most loyal maid, Figgins, to her sister's house in Italy. There is also a man, Titus Manningtree, who is in search of a lost painting and is in a race to get it before his rival does. I'm currently on chapter nine.

 Alethea is  pronounced ah-LEE-thee-ah. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning is truth. A learned coinage, not found before the 16th century. In mythology Alethea is the goddess of truth.
I haven't even started the Phantom of Pemberley, but I am going to after I finish Miss Darcy's story, although I doubt I'll get to it before February.

I also requested and checked out seven other books from my library. I am, simply, book obsessed.

Due to all of my current readings, I have come across a number of new words. One of them being-
  RECALCITRANT adj \ri-ˈkal-sə-trənt\ defiant of authority or restraint