Friday, January 7, 2011

Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Darcy, "sequels"

I decided I would blog about Pride and Prejudice  today (personally, I think that word is annoying and hard to spell) It's my favorite movie and I'm also currently reading the book. Oh, and also I've been looking at other book reviews-"sequels" to P&P (as known by many blogger fans of the book) I call them "sequels" because they weren't written by Jane Austen; she didn't write a sequel to P&P. More modern authors, with imaginations, and the question What if? wrote them. And there are quite a lot. As interesting as they look though, I have decided to finish P&P by Jane Austen first before I actually read any of these "sequels." It's nice to know that I am not the only person out there in love with P&P, nor the only blogger in love with the story, either, who is blogging about it.

Who is my favorite character? That's a good question. I would have to say Mr. Darcy. He's everything a man should be, despite how arrogant the Bennett family sees him as. (He is not arrogant) He cares deeply for Charles Bingley, his best friend and loves his sister very much. And he loves Elizabeth enough to marry her despite the circumstances of his rank and birth and her inferiority. (basically he was like royalty, sort of but not really, and she wasn't) At first I felt as though Elizabeth was not worthy enough of him. But he loved her and I love their love story. Elizabeth is just like her mother says "headstrong, foolish girl" but one who knows her mind, even if she does not know her heart. And Elizabeth is more than a girl, of course she is a woman, in all respects.

I hope to marry a man like Mr. Darcy.

I also admire Jane Bennett, the eldest of the Bennett sisters. She is painfully shy and very reserved. Played by Rosamund Pike in the movie, she looks every bit the real character. She is the most beautiful characters; her caring and compassionate nature a part of it. I am quite satisfied in knowing that she and Mr. Bingley get married at the end of the book. They are both deserving of the other.

Of course, although I have to yet finish the book, the movie is very satisfying. It is my favorite movie. I look forward to finishing the book. Yes, the book is different. It is more in depth on the interaction of Elizabeth, Jane, and Caroline Bingley, and their feelings toward each other. It also gives more on Mr. Collins and how arrogant he really was. In my opinion, I didn't really seem him as too arrogant, in the movie, but in the book he really is. The book justifies why the Bennett family treat and view Mr. Darcy the way the do. ( it says so in the second sentence of the book)  The book describes Charlotte Lucas in more detail and how she came to be married with Mr. Collins. (The movie briefly touches on the subject) The conversation where Mr. Collins proposes to Elizabeth is more thorough in the book and touches more on Elizabeth's feelings and reasons. Like all books, it is more detailed and descriptive than the movie. However, I like them both equally.

When I am done reading P&P I will start reading some of "sequels," starting with one each month.