Thursday, January 6, 2011

My own blog, Julie and Julia, cooking, books

I now have my own blog. Actually, I've had one for a day now. An entire day. I'm excited about having my own blog. I'm doing it for my creative writing class at school, but I might keep it up, or create a new one later on. I think I'm going to like blogging.

The first time I heard about blogging (in depth, I guess) was last week when my mom and I watched the movie, Julie and Julia. It's about Julia Child, cooking prodigy and her husband, and Julie, a writer and wife who lives in Brooklyn New York. Julie loves cooking (and writing!) and she decides that she is going to go through Julia's cookbook in a year and blog about it. It was a good movie. Worth watching, in my opinion, which is worth a lot.

This movie also got me thinking about cooking. I don't cook. I'm more of a baker, I think. My mom tells me to think of cooking like a science experiment. So I've been thinking about cooking. So far I haven't done any cooking yet. But I did get a new spanish tapas cookbook, which Mom and I are going to start on soon. Tapas is a form of eating, meant to inspire and invoke conversation. Instead of each person ordering one big dish and eating that one big dish, each person orders one to two dish and everyone shares them. Interesting, right?

I LOVE books. A lot. I love them a lot. Bookstores, borders especially, are safe places. Away from the rest of the world. I love borders, by the way. I love books more, I'm pretty sure (about that). Because books are great. I can't imagine being a person who doesn't like or enjoy books. So at Borders (yeah, that awesome place) I got a two new books (along with the tapas cookbook) Charms for the easy life, about 3 sisters who seek comfort in each other and their home during WWII, and Band of Angels, about a young lady  in Wales in an ordinary, comfortable life, with her best friend, whom she runs away to London with. She becames a nurse and learns about life and love and loss and losing love. These sound like good books, right? I hope so. I haven't read them yet. I have to finish reading this book my mom got me.

This book my mom bought me is Major Pettigrew's last stand. It's about Major whose wife is deceased and his brother has just died at the beginning of the book. Mrs. Ali, who comes and checks on him,  whose shopkeeper husband is deceased, and him form a bond and realize it is more than just admiration. But Mrs. Ali is a Pakistani woman, somewhat of an "outcast" of society, although she is a part of it, she is not totally accept and is always viewed a an outsider. Major is viewed as the old retired guy who is just waiting to die, but is repected for having served in the war. Society has set them apart and this book is (I guess) about how they challenge that, as well as society as a whole. I've only read like the first few chapters so far. And it's going pretty good.

On a final note, I guess just to wrap things up, I would like to say that I think I will like writing blogs.