Saturday, January 29, 2011

Prom and Prejudice,The Red Badge of Courage, In the Company of Miss Alethea Darcy

Oh fantastic Saturday!  I'm so glad that it is the weekend.

Today I've been in the company of Miss Alethea Darcy. This book was not displeasing, but was not a extremely delicious read. I liked the main characters-Alethea and Titus Manningtree. The book was hard to get into and Alethea is portrayed unlike a Darcy daughter would be like, in my mind. It was quite amusing to read about Alethea's journey and the wonders of Venice, Italy. I have always wanted to backpack through Europe. Alethea's story would have worked well if she was not a Darcy.

There were 3 sequels this month-one I forgot to mention, since I am not going to be completing the Phantoms of Pemberley. The one I forgot to mention was Prom and Prejudice by Elizabeth Eulberg. In this book Lizzie Bennett is a scholarship student at Longbourn Academy, and the junior girls are obsessed with prom. Lizzie, cares only about the piano, her great love. Her roomates are Charlotte, another scholarship student, and Jane, who has a crush on Charles Bingley. His sister, Caroline and the mean Cate deBourg are out to get them though. Lizzie at first has a crush on Wickham, a townie who got kicked out of Pemberley Academy in New York. This book is as close to a high school version of P&P that one could get. Good work Elizabeth Eulberg! This was an amusing read and much easier to follow. I recommend it for all girls who want their own Darcy.

In school, my English class has finished reading The Red Badge of Courage, our third book this year. Out of the three, I liked this one best. The other two were Huckleberry Finn (which I hated), and The Scarlet Letter.

 February for my P&P "sequels" I will take a shot at the Phantom of Pemberley and Vampire Darcy's Desire. They sound bold, exciting....interesting!