Sunday, January 23, 2011

Marlowe, Mount Olive and Southern Truths, Bloomberg, Jane

I've been doing a lot of reading lately. I checked out 22 books on the 19th, with more to come. I requested a them online and they've been coming in. I'm a VERY big reader. Books are fantastic, wonderful, delightful....

So to start with the books.... (I like using these)

The first book is The Secret of the Rose by Sarah L. Thomson.(and actually I checked this one out before the other 22)  During the end of reign of Queen Elizabeth, catholics were taken to the Tower for treason. Rosalind Archer's father is taken. She and her brother, Robin flee from their country home to London. But the people their father said would help them cannot. And so they live in the allies of London, until by accident the popular playwright Christopher Marlowe runs into them and helps them. Rosalind who has disguised herself as a boy in breeches goes by Richard Archer. Rosalind/Richard is taken in as Marlowe's servant and Robin works at the Rose, the playhouse. Where Rosalind and Robin's secret is hidden securely, Marlowe has his own secrets. Which could come out at anytime and threaten to destroy him and hurt Rosalind/Richard as well. I was pleased with this book and deem it worthy of being read. This has sparked a further interest of mine toward this playwright I have not previously heard about.

The second book is Rain Song by Alice J. Wisler (it's another one I checked out before the 22).  It tells the story of Nicole Michelin, English teacher in Mount Olive, North Carolina where the family reunion is every year, planned by her grandmother Ducee and great-aunt Iva. She fears and avoids airplanes, motorcycles, and Japan. Japan. Where something tragic happened. And Nicole doesn't remember it. She doesn't remember her childhood. And she mainly avoids the subject. Nicole also has a passionate love for her fish and writes the online column for the Pretty Fishy website. (cool name for a website) It is there that she meets Harrison, who knew her as a child in Japan.  Harrison is the key to Nicole's past. But Nicole can only get the key by going to Japan-and missing the family reunion. There are also Grable and Monet, Iva's child and grandchild. Monet, the wild child that doctor's can't get.Encouraged by Grable, Monet, and Ducee's Southern Truths, Nicole prepares for a journey to face her fears and find out who she was, who she is. This was GREAT book. Worthy of being read. I really enjoyed it and readers, take my advice and check it out from your library and read it as well.

The third book (and the last one, sort of) is I Heart Bloomberg by Melody Carlson (maybe her parent's were hippies if they named her Melody-it sounds like it could have been a hippie name hmm....) This book is the first in a set about four women living at 86 Bloomberg Place. Kendall, the owner is obsessed with shopping and has racked up loads of debt. She also suffers from an eating disorder, is self-centered, and lazy. To avoid getting a job she decides to get renters. Megan, who lives in an apartment with 3 other girls on a college campus has to escape her sleazy roomate Bethany. Anna, the pretty Hispanic, wants to escape her overprotective mother and have some of her own independence. Lelani, who came from Hawaii to live on the mainland, needs to escape her aunt's house. And each one, has a broken heart about something. But at 86 Bloomberg, as they work on the house, they also work on each other and themselves. The three rentees struggle to find their identities and become the women they want to be. And hopefully, they will teach Kendall something, and she will learn something. This book was also worth reading. I'm going to request the next book in the set-Let them eat Fruitcake.

As far as the P&P sequels-guess what?  I've decided to being with According to Jane by Marilyn Brant (I like the name Marilyn) I'm about halfway through with it, and it's been rather disappointing. Ellie, a girl who struggles with life, family, and love has Jane Austen in her mind to help her. But Ellie often ignores Jane, which usually gets her into trouble. Ellie searches for love, and gets it confused for lust. Throughout her education, from high school to graduate school, she is involved with certain guys who just aren't good for her and cause Ellie to become even more confused. If only Ellie would listen to Jane. Which makes me wonder, why did the author decided to put Jane in a girl's mind, when it's a girl who won't think, a girl who thinks she knows better? Jane is the more rational and logical one, while Ellie is high on emotions, desperate for love and not finding it. I've still got another half of the book left to go and maybe Ellie will listen to Jane, instead of arguing with her.

So these are the books I have been reading, which is what I have been doing instead of blogging this week.