Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Game of Thrones Episode 2 Review

It begins with the Dothraki, across the narrow sea, in the east. They begin moving from Penthos and the free cities to the Dothraki Sea. Ser Jorah Mormont tells Dany that the Dothraki believe that grass will one day cover everything, as the Dothraki Sea is very vast and is covered in grass. He also gives Dany some dried horse to eat, telling her that the Dothraki have two things in abundance: horses and grass and that one cannot live off of grass alone. Dany struggles to keep with the Dothraki and fears Drogo, but Ser Jorah tells her it will get easier. I sure hope so for Dany's sake; I feel very sorry for her.

In Winterfell, Bran is unconscious about being pushed off the wall by Jamie Lannister. Catelyn refuses to leave his side, and we are rewarded with this moment from Tyrion Lannister:
Tyrion Lannister is one of the best of his house, as he seems to be more in tune with reality than some of the others. He goes to breakfast and tells them that Bran is likely survive and notes Cersei and Jamie's reactions, as he knows they have been having sexual relations. Cersei goes and visits Catelyn Stark at the beside of Bran and says that she lost her first child, a black haired boy, and that the gods will show mercy on them. I hope so too, because I like Bran very much.

Jon Snow says good bye to his family. Despite being a bastard of Nedd Stark, he is close to his siblings, especially his older brother Robb and his sister Arya. I absolutely love Arya and she is both my aunt's and my favorite character. Jon Snow gives Arya a sword so she can learn how to fight. Jon says goodbye to Bran and to his father, who says that Jon may not have his name, but does have his blood. Jon goes with his uncle, Benjen, to join the Night's Watch, a group of men who defend the wall and the kingdoms from what lives north of the wall: the white walkers. Even though they are thought to have been dead for thousands of years, the wall still stands and the Night's Watch still defend it. Tyrion is also traveling to the wall with them as he wants to see it. We also learn that not just the poor men and younger sons who honorably join the Night's Watch, but also criminals who are given the option of joining or dying.
While Jon Snow and Tyrion get to the wall, the royal party including the king,Cersei, Joffrey, Sansa, Arya, and Nedd, have traveled south, stopping at Crossroads Inn for the night. Joffrey invites Sansa to walk with him by the river, where they find Arya practicing her sword fighting with one of the boy's in the party her age. Joffrey tries to bully the boy, but Arya stands up to Joffrey who attacks her. Arya's direwolf comes to her rescue and bites Joffrey, Arya, the boy, and her direwolf run away but not before Arya throws Joffrey's sword in the river. Arya frees her direwolf, by setting it free so that it will not be killed for hurting the prince.
Joffrey falsely accuses Arya and her friend of attacking him, and she defends herself. The children of Nedd and Robert are already fighting! I can't believe Sansa wants to marry Joffrey; I really don't like him, and I'm disappointed that Sansa didn't stand up for her sister and tell the truth. King Robert does not approve that their children are fighting and decides that Nedd will discipline his daughter and he will disciple Joffrey. However, Cersei is adamant that the direwolf should die; however, Arya's could not be found as Arya set it free to run away. Cersei then declares that Sansa's direwolf should die. Nedd Stark goes and kills her, saying that the wolf belongs to the north. As he plunges the knife into the direwolf, back in Winterfell Bran Stark wakes up.

Very exciting episode. I'm exciting to see where Jon Snow will go with the Night's Watch and what will happen with the Starks and Lannisters. Tyrion is my favorite Lannister. I really like the Stark family, but would like to see more of Bran and Arya. I look forward to seeing her get to use that sword! I also am curious as to see if Bran remembers anything after his fall and what will happen to him once the Lannisters find out that he's woken up.