Thursday, August 30, 2012

What's Happening

As some of yall have noticed, I haven't blogged very much in the past couple of weeks. Here is why:
I went away to college. 
I'm not going to say where exactly, but I will let yall know that it is in FLORIDA.
I love Florida. It's a whole other world from the Midwest. I am a proud Midwesterner, but I am proud to go to school here, too. 
It is always sunny. The sky is always blue. The grass is always bright green. I love it. 

So now I will let yall know that's going to happen on this blog. As you all know, this is a book blog. And I'm still going to do reviews on books of course, but I am also going to start blogging more about personal things. My own thoughts. My life. It's going to be different and new, but I'm in a new place (geographically and in life) so I think now is the time to do this. 

I want yall to know that I am still the book crazy and crazy awesome fun gal that yall first met when you found my blog. I haven't changed. Hope that's reassuring and hope yall like hearing more about my life. 

That's all for now. Let me know your thoughts and comment below. Love, Rachel