Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Flight of Blue by A.E. Howard

Flight of Blue
I recieved FOB through the DAC tour. So that's one more book down, which means I have 4 books completed, and 8 books left to read to hit my goal of 12 books. Hope I can do it!

Flight of Blue is about a boy named Kai and a girl named Ellie. It's about a possum sorcerer, who through his anger and attempt to get revenge, curses a traffic light. His curse causes a rip in the fabric of the world. A rip that must be closed tight.

It's about Keepers and Guardians who can close these rips and can stop evil from coming into the world. It's about a messenger named Serina, who is both a bird and a human and is a flight of blue messenger. It's about how she guides Kai and Ellie to a Guardian school where Kai will be trained. Because he is special. He is the son of two Guardians, the only one, because two guardians cannot have children together. He must be the one to end the evil. It's also about how the three of them learn the history behind the three realms and how the middle realm became separated from the higher realm. (I don't remember what the realm of evil and darkness was called, but they learn how it came to be too).

It's about how they journey into the rip to close it and seal it forever. To end the curse on the traffic light.

Overall, I really liked FOB. The world is very well set up, and the characters are very likeable. I loved how Kai and Ellie were special in their own ways and how their insecurities were very real for young people their age. I loved how Serina was so confident and so ready to help them. One of my favorite parts is when a boy at the school who is just enamored by Serina is told by Ellie that she is bethroned to another flight of blue messenger and this boy's jaw just hits the ground! It's a great scene.

That's my review of Flight of Blue. A blog that I follow also reviewed it and you can check that out here: Reader's Refuge

Bye yall!