Friday, July 15, 2011

Glass, Sisters, Katherine

Princess of Glass (Princess #2)Sisters Red (Fairytale Retellings, #1)An Abundance of Katherines

I read the Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George. It's the sequel to Princess of the Midnight Ball. Three years after the sisters broke the curse, royal alliances are threadbare. So the heirs are being sent to different kingdoms. Princess Poppy (of one place) and Prince Christian (of another) are both sent to Breton. Although Poppy (I love her name) is a wonderful dancer, she refuses to dance, due to the fact that she was forced to for 13 years. Ellen is a commoner and a maid, but was once the daughter of a wealthy man. So enters the Corley, claiming to be Ellen's godmother, who lives in a castle of glass, through magical portals. The Corley gives Ellen gowns and slippers--glass slippers, that turn Ellen's feet to glass. (sort of Cinderella-ish) Poppy is a strange and sarcastic character, due to her experience of being forced to dance. I found it interesting that Poppy was having nightmares about King Under the Stone and her "prince" down there, but there is no real connection, except that Poppy is still haunted by it. At the end, Poppy, Christian, and Ellen rescue themselves (and each other) from the Corley's grasp and find true love. I really liked those 3 characters, and I thought the Corley and her motives were interesting. I wonder if there will be a sequel...overall, an enchanting read. (get it, enchanting?)

Sisters Red is by Jackson Pearce and is the story of two sisters: Scarlett and Rosie March, who hunt the Fenris--werewolves who prey on young girls. It is their life, but Rosie wishes for another life, one blind to the Fenris. Enter Silas, Scarlett's hunting partner, who Rosie starts falling in love with. He encourages Rosie to engage to activities other than hunting, at a community center in Atlanta, where they are searching for the Potential--the next Fenris. As they try to find the Potential in Atlanta, they long for home and Rosie's desire to escape grows, as Scarlett's for hunting does also. But Rosie owes Scarlett her life, and they have the same heart, so they say. Thus Rosie is tied down to a life of hunting, even though Silas pushes her boundaries to an outside life. The three are searching for clues to the Potential, not realizing that he is closer than they think. And the Alpha of the Arrow pack is after them, sacrifices and blood to be paid. I didn't really like the cover on this one, the pale faces with only lips were kind of strange. I also felt there were things unexplained--such as the history of the Fenris, but I liked how it went from Rosie's perspective to Scarlett's. Although I do think it might have been better in third-person narrative, as it is at the end of the book.

My latest read was An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. It's the story of Colin, Hassan, and Lindsey Lee Wells in Gutshot, TN. Colin has dated 19 girls--and named Katherine--and has been dumped by all of them, so he thinks. With his help of his friends, Colin will be able to solve his Theorem, learn how to tell stories, fall in love, get beaten up and chased by a feral pig, eat at Hardees, and interview the old folks of the town. I don't want to spoil this read--because it was hilarious and pretty good. I loved the characters--how Hassan loves Judge Judy and learns how to work, how quirky Colin was; Lindsey Lee Wells was my favorite character, though. I love how the three of them learn how to care about the world outside of themselves and their fab-and-funny discoveries. Great Read. Highly recommended.