Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beachcombers, Journey, Fly Away, Chacos, Divine

The Beachcombers by Nancy Thayer is the story of three sisters: Abbie, the oldest who has never been in love, Emma who has lost everything she worked for, and Lily, the young beauty of the family. They are staying with their father on Nantucket, their home. Emma has come home from Boston, after losing her boyfriend, investments, and job. Abbie has been staying in London taking care of a family's two boys. And Lily has been working as a journalist on the island, trying to take care of the house. They have been apart for two years, but now they are together. Working to repair their lives and falling in love and risking their hearts to their lovers, but also to themselves. Then there is Marina, the renter on the island, who is falling for their father. But Marina is forced to make a choice in a crazy turn of events that will impact their family for the rest of the year and future summers.

I also read the Incredible Journey by Sheila Burnford. The animals aren't personalized until the end, which I thought was interesting. In the wild, it doesn't matter what your name it. There's the old bulldog, who isn't likely to survive, but makes it with the help of his loyal companions, the independent and tireless cat, and the young, loyal Labrador. They struggle through the Canadian wilderness, facing rivers, porcupines, separation, and hunger. But they make it home. There is the movie adaption of Homeward Bound I and II. I also recently watched The Adventures of Milo and Otis, about a cat and dog's adventures.

I just finished reading Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner. It was the story of the senator's wife, Selvie, whose husband has cheated on her, her daughters Lizzie, a recovering addict, and Diana, a nurse with a young son having an affair with an intern. I didn't feel any sympathy for Diana, but I did feel sympathy for a lot of the other characters. I think Lizzie was my favorite character, because of how she really wanted to recover, and cared for her baby, and wanted the father to have a better woman. I thought Selma, Selvie's mother, was a hilarious character, along with Milo, Diana's son. I'm glad I read this novel, even if it was a little too explicit for me, as was the Beachcombers.

Also, I volunteer at a camp for children with special needs called Camp Barnabas.They are trying to win a video contest with chacos, to win 3,000 for their scholarship fund. To vote for them, click like. Their video is the one with the cross on it.

About a month ago I read The Dark Divine and The Lost Saint. I liked them a lot, but I don't remember enough to write more on it. I must say I liked the first one better, but liked Daniel in the second one, too. It's interesting to see where the next book is going.