Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Enthralled and Waiting for You

I've finally finished Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions An Anthology by 16 authors. All of the stories are about a journey, the distance focusing on the idea of between two places.

These are the stories I LOVED:
These ones were the best, because they were sad, yet beautiful. There was loss, but not death. These stories portrayed hope.
Giovanni's Farewell

These are the stories I LIKED:
At the late night, double feature, picture show (funny)
Leaving (beautifully written)
Red Run (intense)
Niederwald (funny)
Skin Contact (beautifully written/intense)
The Third Kind (intense)
Merely Mortal (funny)
Things about Love (funny)

THese are the stories I DIDN'T LIKE:
Automatic (vampire)
Scenic Route (murder/monsters)
Let's get this undead show on the road (vampire)
Facing Facts (murder/monsters)
IV League (murder/monsters)

I can honestly say, now, that I'm not sure I ever want to read another anthology. But I'm glad I read this one, because I had heard so much about it. I also love the cover of Enthralled, even if I don't understand the title. Also thanks to the authors for dedicating their book to smart chicks--like me.

Waiting For You

I read Waiting for You within the day. The main character, Marissa, lives a pretty nice life. Her parents are still together; her sister wants to change the world; her aunt shares clothes with her; her best friend, Sterling, cooks lots of good food. Only, one person is missing--Derek. Marissa wants to go out with so bad, convinced he would make a great boyfriend. Only Derek is dating Sierra. Marissa also has an anxiety disorder that causes depression so last year she was labeled as she freak. This year, Marissa vows to break out of that label.

However, sophomore year is going to be rough for Marissa, as she has conflicts with her family, Sterling, and with two guys. Nash, the total geek, who likes her, but when she rejects him he falls in love with another girl. And Derek. He breaks up with Sierra and starts dating Marissa, but when he starts missing Sierra, Marissa breaks up with him.

I REALLY LIKED Waiting for You. It's easy to identify with Marissa, because I wasn't popular in high school either. I liked how Marissa was really creative--painting her room, writing free verse on walls, playing violin, helping her dad with woodworking. Creative. I also liked Nash, and just thought his character was really sweet, caring, and curious. Most of the book is about Marissa and Nash's relationship and how it moves from friends to more. The cover is very significant, and I feel it defines the book very well.

This book has a strong message. We can change our own lives, despite the circumstances. We can't control everything, but we can choose how we respond to everything. There's always hope. Sometimes life doesn't go the way we thought it would. We have to learn how to be "free to be me."

Someone once told me "Just be yourself. It's easier that way."

Marissa and Nash learn how to do just that.

I'm out of here, Rachel