Monday, February 6, 2012

The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers

The Atonement Child

Dynah Carey has been a Christian her whole life, even going to a Christian college. She has her life planned out: graduate from college, marry her boyfriend Ethan, and lead a church with him. Her plans are violently disrupted when she is raped one night. Then she's pregnant. Kicked out of school, Dynah heads for home in California. Her boyfriend, Ethan, is angry, and Dynah feels defiled, no longer pure. Unable to bear the weight of their relationship, Dynah breaks off their engagement. At home, her parents' relationship is torn apart. Dynah's father wants her to have an abortion, like Ethan wanted. Her mother had an abortion with the man she was with before Dynah's father. It was hard for her to have a child. Hannah and Douglas have never fully forgiven themselves and each other for it. Evie, Dynah's grandma, wants her to have and keep the baby. It's hard for Dynah to make her decision, and struggles to listen to God's voice among so many others that influence and pressure her. Ultimately, the choice is life or death for Dynah's child.

The Atonement Child adresses the issue of abortion and what God says about it. God has a plan for everthing that happens to us. He wants what's best for us, but we have to trust him, listen and obey. Dynah is my favorite character in this novel. She tries to discern God's will for her life and must surrender her plans to his. Despite the traumatic and terrible events that shook Dynah's life, she stands on the Rock that will never move.

I really liked this novel, but it is really sad. I would like to work for a pro-life company one day. There are many lies about abortion and women should know that it's going to hurt them. God gave us the atonement child, Jesus. We just have to accept his love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness.