Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pefect You, See What I See, The Lonely Hearts Club

Reads: Perfect You by Elizabeth Scott, See What I See by Gloria Whelan, and The Lonely Hearts Club by Elizabeth Eulberg

Although disappointed by Scott's book, Bloom, I enjoyed Perfect You. It's about a high school girl, Kate, whose father has quit his job to see vitamins at the mall, making her and her brother work there. Her best friend Anna, now a popular cheerleader, doesn't talk to her anymore. Her mother has to work two jobs; their family is in debt. And Grandma, who has money, comes to stay with them. This is a novel of real life, which is why I guess I liked it some much. But there is also Will, a cute guy who works at another store in the mall. The moral of Perfect You is this "Things change, darling. That's what life is....Try to live. Try to be happy." Honestly, this was a novel full of flawed humans and it shows some of the best and the worst, as seen in her family. But, you know, isn't the world like that?

See What I See is a novel about Kate Talpert-Quinn, daughter of the famous artists, Dalton Quinn. I loved Kate's journey of self discovery and art, but felt like there were parts left out of this book and some undeveloped characters that I would have liked to see more. Kate goes to Detroit on an art scholarship to live with her dad who she hasn't seen since he left the family when she was seven. Her hometown is up north and she misses it. It is her inspiration for painting, a love her father passed on to her before he left. Also, her dad is sick and dying and only has a few months left. Kate does the unselfish thing and quits school to take care of him. The heart breaker is when he tells her that he loves his art more than his family, and that's why he left them. This book is a simple buildingsroman about art and love. I look forward to reading more of Whelan's novels.

The Lonely Hearts Club is about Penny Lane Bloom, high school junior, who is sick of dating boys who just want to get into her pants and don't really love her. She also hates how girls change for their boyfriends. And so the Lonely Hearts Club is formed by her and her two best friends, Tracie and Diane. This is a result of when she catches Nate, her childhood sweetheart, with another girl. Their other friends, Kara and Morgan, also enter the club. But what happens when they actually meet a good guy? And when one catches Penny Lane Bloom's heart? I loved this book and highly recommend it. It's about a bunch of girls, high-on-caffeine, struggling with normal high school issues (and Beatles names) and their friendship.

Still reading Northanger Abbey--Will I ever finish it?