Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April Afternoons (2)

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Hey Yall, welcome back to April Afternoons, happening here at MJAO on Tuesdays. Today's post isn't on anything on history. It's just about my FABULOUS day!

At my school, we paired up with Special Olympics Athletes for a special track meet. Our class walked over to the football field where we waited for them to arrive.  I was with a guy named Ted and we shared a athlete named Anthony. I wanted my own athlete, but Anthony was a lot of work for both of us and I don't think I could have handled it. We sat in the bleachers while some other athletes ran for opening ceremony. We were assigned to the Star group where our camper got to run, jump, and catch at Star. He also got his forehead painted with the batman symbol by one of my friends at the face painting booth. He was really hungry and thirsty and crabby in the beginning, but after he got something to drink it got better. I saw some of my friends when we weren't with Star and some of them gave me tootsie rolls. Anthony really like an orange-haired girl who is one of my friends at the Bubble station. He loved the bubbles and the sponge game. He liked winning tickets so he could get silly bands at the prize table. He always asked everybody for tickets. He wasn't hungry until the very end at the relays but he ate a lot throughout the day. I had two hot dogs with ketchup and mustard which were tasty.

After walking Anthony back to his bus, I hung out with my friends and then we walked back to school. I saw a lot of my friends with their athletes. Our class even got our photo taken together--but I didn't smile, although I did get to sit next to one of my friends. Pretty good day.

And I have this new blue t-shirt--with stickers Anthony gave me.

Have a great April Afternoon today!