Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Years!

(picture made by Eileen Li at Singing and Reading in the rain

Let's recap 2012 first!
1. I graduated high school
2. I went off to college in Florida
3. I found out that I love Florida even though I think I'm still a Missourian at heart
4. I read 92 books toward my goal of 110
5. I finally reached 150 followers on my blog
6. I completed the Read Dystopia Challenge (hosted at the Book Journey)
7. I completed the Book Blogger Recommendation Challenge (hosted at readwithtequila)
8.  I completed the Romance Reading Challenge (hosted at the bookworm 7)
9. I participated in the Literary Reads blog hop giveaway
10. I participated in Cover Love Thursdays and found that I really do love covers
11. I joined Tuney Tuesday and started doing song reviews
 12. I passed my goal of having a book blog for 2 years

I don't really have any goals or resolutions for my blog, because I really didn't expect to be blogging this long, but I would like to do song reviews of some songs of Taylor Swift's CD Red, so expect that in the coming months. I'm also going back to college which is exciting! I love college.

I have many personal goals/resolutions about faith and exercise, just simple ones like getting exercise every day and doing daily devotionals.

The big one is that I've decided to write every single day. Starting with today. And I don't mean on this blog, I mean toward a book.

I want to write a book.