Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tarzan Film

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So last week on Saturday, my school's free movie theater did a showing of Tarzan. I haven't seen this one is a very very very long time. Tonight I am going to see Brave, which I haven't seen yet and am very excited to see. Anyhow, about Tarzan.

It's the story of a family who escape their burning ship on a lifeboat. They wash up on the coast of Africa, somehow having survived the storm. They build a house and begin their new life together, the two parents and the child, a boy.

 While this is happening, the gorilla family of Kala and Kerchak is saddened by the loss of their cub. While the group is traveling to get food, Kala hears the sounds of a child crying. She runs far to find the house, empty and bloody. She finds the child and is amazed and him. Kala rescues him from Sabor, the leopard who killed her cub and his parents, and takes him back to the group.

While Kala is open to this human child, who she decides is her new son, Kerchak is not open and says he will never replace the one they lost. Kala and Kerchak do not have any other cubs together throughout the movie because of this, although they still appear to be mates and care off each other. Kala names the child Tarzan and raises him as her own. Tarzan recognizes that he is different than the other gorillas. AKA he is not a gorilla. He attempts to earn the respect of the group and of the younger gorillas. He does manage to become good friends with Terk, another gorilla, and Tantor, a fearful elephant. Yet, Tarzan always knows he is different, because of the way he looks, even though they all share the same heartbeat. (Kala taught him that they are all the same because they all have the same heartbeat)

When Tarzan gets to be a man, other humans come to Africa. Jane, her father, and Clayton have come to find the gorillas and study them. Tarzan is fascinated by them and rescues Jane from some  mean monkeys. Tarzan spends a lot of time with them, but is told not to take them to see the gorillas from the leader Kerchak. However, during his time with them, he falls in love with Jane and  takes them to see the gorillas anyways. Kerchak is not happy about Tarzan putting the group in danger and exiles him.

 Kala takes Tarzan to the house she rescued him from and tells him that he is human and that he had different parents. She tells him that he will always be her son, even if he leaves and goes to England with Jane and her father. Tarzan ultimately knows that he is human and belongs with other humans, so he makes the decision to go. As he gets on the ship, he finds out that Clayton betrayed him and is planning on capturing and selling the gorillas. Clayton and the ship mates tie up Jane, her father, Tarzan, and the captain and lock them in a room. Terk and Tantor come to rescue them, and then they all go to help save Tarzan's gorilla family.

Everyone is rescued in the end, but after the conflict is over. Jane and her father still decide to return to England and Tarzan decides to stay in Africa. As she is on the rowboat, her father tells her that she loves Tarzan even though she belongs in England with other humans, and thus she should stay in Africa with Tarzan. He also decides that he is going to stay, because after all people get lost in the jungle all the time, right? In the end, they are all seen swinging on vines and playing with the new gorilla cubs.

So that's the summary of Tarzan. Now here's my thoughts on it.

 For those of you who haven't seen it in a while, I did really like it, it's very sad and I cried a lot. It was sadder than Toy Story 3. It's sad that Tarzan loses his parents. It's sad that Tarzan doesn't fit in. It's sad when Tarzan is exiled. It's sad when Tarzan leaves Kala. It's sad when Jane says goodbye.

But it's good too. Its' good to know that we all have the same heart. It's good to know we are loved, despite who and what loves us. Because I believe that animals are capable of love. I have to after having a yellow lab for a pet. But I believe there are different forms of love. Human love is different than animal love. And there are some beautiful scenes. I have videos of some of them.

Tarzan meets Jane
Jane decides to stay with Tarzan in the end

And as for the music, I really love all of the songs, especially this one below (although all of them are really good)

I also have to include the song You'll always be in my heart because it just sums up the whole story of Tarzan and it's a beautiful love story that male and female have, mother and son, son and woman. 

I'm so glad I went to see Tarzan last weekend. Now I'm off to see Brave, but watch a Disney movie this week, just for me. Love yall, Rachel