Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Broken Episode 1 and Thoughts OUAT

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So I finally got around to watching episode 1 of Once Upon A Time. I watched the first season and I may or may not blog about it; I haven't decided, but I watched the first episode and I am so excited for this season! Here's my thoughts on the episode and where the season, titled Broken is going.

1. The season opens with a mysterious man in New York City who gets a postcard from a dove from Storybrooke with the word broken written on it. I have a theory that this man is Baelfire, because it makes sense that he would care about the town and that he would be grown up, but he left for the real world before the curse, so wouldn't he have just left that life behind? And how would he even know that fairy tale land was gone? My other theory is that this mysterious man is somehow a key player in how fairy tale land was created and is very interested in the character's lives even if he cannot be a player. He could be the writer of their story/and of the book, because Jefferson mentions that there is a connection between the real world and fairy tale land because people know the stories of fairy tale land.

2. So I've always been really curious about Dr. Whale, because he doesn't really seem like an ally or an enemy of Regina, but in this episode, after the curse was broken, Whale led the townspeople to Regina's house to kill her. Luckily, Emma, as sheriff, stepped in, but I am curious to find out the relationship of Whale and Regina, because he sure seemed angry at her.

3. Mr. Gold and Belle  (I suppose her counterpart's name is also Belle?) are reunited at the end of season 1 and in this season, as Mr. Gold brings magic back into the town, Belle asks him if he did it for revenge on Regina because of what Regina did to them. Mr. Gold says no, but that he does plan to use the magic, but Belle makes him promise not to kill her and not to give in to his hate, because he needs to finally let love win.

And here's a clip of when they reunite:
And here's a clip of Mr. Gold's promise:
I'm excited to see where their relationship is going in the coming episodes, because Belle is one of my favorite characters. She is brave enough to leave home and dare risk loving the beast. And honestly, I was so happy when she told Mr. Gold she loved him and he finally said he loved her back! Because in fairy tale land, he let her go instead of letting them love each other. So even though they both have far to go, I'm so excited that they are finally together!

4. Okay so I searched and searched and searched on Youtube for a clip of this beautiful scene in E1. It's where Emma, David, and Mary Margaret are fighting off the wraith while Regina is trying to get the hat to work so they can send it to the no-longer-existing fairy tale land. Somehow she gets it to work, and it goes down the hat. So does Emma. Mary Margaret jumps in, screaming that she will not lose her daughter again. David yells "neither will I and jumps, but hit the tile ground. The portal closes, separating him and his family. Even though it's a sad scene, it's very beautiful, because it shows how much they love Emma and how much they are willing to risk for her and for Storybrooke. David does promise Mary Margaret, once again, that he will always find her. And that is how it somehow happens to be, by magic or chance, they are meant to be together. And what is meant to be will always find a way. So I look forward to his plan to either get them back from fairy tale land or his plan to go to fairy tale land. Maybe David will find a way to take everyone back and they can rebuild fairy tale land together. Maybe. I still don't understand the whole thing about fairy tale land just being completely gone.

5. August Booth's fate. I was shocked to discover who August was and while I think it was terrible for Gepetto to not let Snow White go through with Emma, I understand that parents will do anything for their children. I'm glad that August and Gepetto were reunited before August turned to wood for not keeping his promise to his father that he would take care of Emma. I think it's so sad when August leaves Emma as a baby, after all she was so cute, but it was really his father's failing to trust him, as a seven year old boy, to take care of her. When we left him at the end of season 1, he had turned to wood and his fate will be revealed this season. I secretly hope he lives and gets to fall in love with Emma:)

There's also an article from the OUAT wiki that I'm posting here: http://cartermatt.com/26907/once-upon-a-time-season-2-spoilers-pinocchios-future/

Clips! Pinocchio becomes a real boy.

6. I want to know what happens to Cora, Regina's mother in fairy tale land. It hasn't been revealed whether or not she has a counterpart and I want to know who, if who, it is. I want to know the rest of the story, because we know what happens to Regina's father, but what about Cora? I didn't really like Cora and if she had just allowed her daughter to marry her true love, then the dark curse never would have happened and all the characters, Regina included, could have had their happy endings! I'm just so frustrated that she twists Regina into being evil just like her, even though she was good at first, before Daniel was killed by her mother. It's just twisted.

7. Jefferson and Grace/Page. I think that Jefferson has the potential to become a major character. After all he's the mad hatter! I'm curious as to whether or not he can get his hats to work now that magic has come back. I'm curious as to how the relationship with his daughter will work now that she knows who she is, but also that she has Storybrooke parents. Wonder how that will balance out. Wonder if he can help David get back to fairy tale land so he can reunite with Mary Margaret. I also really want to know the connection of fairy tale land to wonderland to Storybrooke, because when the dark curse is enacted, Jefferson is still making hats going crazy. And it was made clear that he was still there as the curse only transported him, didn't make him forget, as Regina locked him up in the mansion. I'm curious to see his relationship with Regina and with his daughter develop even more.

8. At the end of E1 we find out that a corner of fairy tale land, Aurora's corner (I call it), was spared from the dark curse for some reason. WHY? There are hints that the curse was put a year after the malificent put a sleeping curse on Aurora. So maybe because there was already a curse, the dark curse didn't affect the land? I'm also curious as to this safe haven Mulan said there was for the remaining people. I want to know who are these people and where is this and what is it like there. Mulan also suggests that there are the land has gotten more and more dangerous since the dark curse happened, so I also want to know what new dangers they will have to face. At first I didn't know what to think about Mulan coming to OUAT, but I'm excited to see where she will go as a character! She's such a tough one!

9. Is fairy tale land truly gone? I found this interesting article when I Google searched this (also interesting ideas in the comment). Here: http://www.wetpaint.com/once-upon-a-time/articles/what-happened-to-fairytale-land-after-the-curse-on-once-upon-a-time
I just don't believe that it's gone. Maybe Emma is the one to restore the happy endings to fairy tale land like she did to Storybrooke??? Concerning that, I do wonder why the characters weren't returned to fairy tale land. Or is it just that Emma brings back the happy endings and not their world? And whether she wants to not, now Emma really is a part of it!

10. Emma asks a very important question of David and Mary Margaret. For her whole life, she's been alone and that's all she has ever known. She asks which curse is worse. The curse of being alone and being with her parents, or the curse of not knowing who she is. And that leads to the ultimate question that OUAT gets at. I honestly think that some of the characters might not have wanted to remember. Like Dreamy/Grumpy (has to break his beloved's heart) and Red (kills her own beloved) for examples. But it all poses this question: is it more important to know who you are and where you came from despite what you did/have done?

Please share your thoughts below. I appreciate all comments. Have a great Tuesday, Rachel