Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Red by Taylor Swift (Full Album Review)

Taylor Swift's new album came out! It's been great listening to all the songs on Youtube and I am now going to do a general overview of the songs on the CD, Red. 

1. State of Grace--it was way, way, way too long for me at approximately 4:55 minutes. I also felt like it was  just too slow, except for the full chorus. I also thought the song was too ambiguous and I didn't understand what the lyrics were saying. 
2. Red--the first few times I heard it, I thought it was just okay, but now that I listen to all the time, I really like it. It's a very catchy song and it's easy to identify the colors with the stages of love and breakup. 
3. Treacherous--I didn't love the song, but I didn't not like it. It was just okay for me. 
4. I Knew You were Trouble--I didn't like this one, because I thought it was too fast and the lyrics were mean, although it was catchy.
5. All to Well--This one is so sad! It's really sad as it's about a bad breakup, but I still really liked it. It's slow but it moves well. 
6. 22--I really loved this one! It's so catchy and great to dance to and sing along with. It's really easy to follow and just overall a fun song. I also love how it's about getting lost in the music! What a thing to sing about! (I'm joking:) 
7. I Almost Do--another sad but good one! I liked this one even more than I liked all too well. This is the song on the album that I listen too the most. 
8. We are Never Ever Getting Back Together--I didn't know what to think when I first heard this one, as it is so different from her other songs. Now I really love it, as it is just so much fun to dance and sing to! My friends and I love it! 
9. Stay Stay Stay--I didn't like this one, because I thought it was too repetitive and was just too pop-ish rather than country-pop. 
11. Holy Ground--I didn't love the song, but I haven't heard it that many times. It's not a song that stands out and I feel I casually listen through it. It's a little catchy, but not too much and it's more on the slower side too. 
12. Sad Beautiful Tragic--take song #1 with different lyrics. It's way toooooooooooooooooooo slow. 
13. The Lucky One--I liked this one, as it's catchy and easy to sing along too, but it's not one of my favorites. 
14. Everything has Changed--This is a really excellent song overall. Love the melody and the pace. She sings it with a male vocalist, and I really like their duet. 
15. Starlight--This is another OH MY GOSH I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS ONE!!! IT"S SO PRETTY AND BEAUTIFUL. It reminded me of Fearless from one of her previous album, so if you liked Fearless I think you will like Starlight 
16. Begin Again--I really liked this one too. I didn't love it like I love songs #10 and 15, but it's still a really happy, somewhat slow song, but it moves well. I think it's one of the best ones on the album. 
17. The Moment I knew--I really liked it the first few times I heard it, but after actually listening to the lyrics I just think it's really sad. However, it does have a faster moving pace than some of the other songs. 
18. Come Back Be Here--I loved this one! It's a really great song that is similar to #10 and #15. It's not slow, but it's not too fast that you can't catch it. 
19. Girl at Home--This song is catchy and very fast moving, although slightly repetitive, it works well because it moves so fast. A good one to sing along to, but it doesn't have the best lyrics. 

That's RED for yall!!!!!

I will be doing (full) song reviews on some of them in December, so be on the lookout for that! Throw yourself a dance party and listen to some Taylor Swift! Have a great night, yall!