Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Until There Was You, The Rescue, Marley and Me

Until There Was You

I don't have much time to review this one, so just some thoughts. Liam is not a bad boy biker. I love that Posey owns an architectural salvaging company and lives in a church with three cats and a great dane. The dog makes the cover complete. I love Shiloh! Gosh, yall have no idea how much I want a great dane now. URG!!! Posey and Liam make a cute couple. Posey becomes brave, go girl! Liam is such a devoted father, and I loved that quality. I thought the Meadows and the town were beautiful places. I also loved the whole bell story :)

Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog

I don't have much to say about this book, but I did really like it. My dog just died several months ago, and she was a lab so I understand Grogan. I watched the movie when it first came out (twice) and cried both times. That's why I wanted to read the book. I guess what I learned is that we have limited time so we have try to love best we can. I also might be going to school in Miami so it was nice to get all the cultural references. The movie is very close to the book, so good work on that producers. I also might be getting another dog in a couple months. It's going to be a girl, and I'm going to get to name her.

The Rescue

This is one of the few Nicholas Sparks' books with a happy ending. Little did I know, because I didn't expect it. And in a way it was disappointing, the star-crossed lovers losing to fate are the stories that define Sparks' writing. Part of me is glad that Denise and Taylor do get happily ever after--they deserved it, yet it is not as satisfying as the heart wrenching, desperate, beautiful ending of Dear John. In a way the ending, and the story is incomplete. For me it was not written the right way: the characters go through a lot of grief and pain in the beginning and then have peace and bliss. It's suppose to be the other way around. (Except in the case of the Last Song, but that's a book about teenagers and was written for Miley's acting career so that's understandable). Now that's I've said all that I'll say what I liked about the novel. Denise, her love for her son, Kyle, her fierce determination and love. Honestly, this book would be so much better if it were less about Taylor and more about Denise/Kyle. Taylor is a complicated character that I never really understood. Nor did I understand all of the accidents, not that I'll say more because I don't want to spoil The Rescue. Overall, the character descriptions and developement are better than the plot itself. The ending is not the worst thing ever. Something else happens that made me not like this novel so much. I wish I had liked it so I could have written a positive review! URGGGG, but let's leave with this: maybe if it becomes a movie, the movie will be good. That's a possibility.