Saturday, August 20, 2011

We'll Always have Summer & the Liberation of Alice Love

I've been doing quite a lot of reading lately. Here's what I've been up to.

We'll Always Have Summer (Summer, #3)
I read We'll Always have Summer by Jenny Han, the last in the summer series. Belly and Jeremiah have been together for two years, inseparable, even going to the same college. But when Jeremiah makes a mistake, and when Belly and Jeremiah decide to do forever, Conrad turns up at the beach house and back into Belly's life. Which one does she love more?

 I actually found this novel a little confusing. Most of it is about Belly planning for the wedding and missing Jeremiah while he works. It was nice getting to see things from Conrad's perspective, but I did have to wonder, why not earlier? Everyone in the family seems to think that they're too young, but they don't listen, which I think they should have. Belly keeps talking about how Jeremiah never treated her the awful way Conrad did, but then she changes her mind when Conrad tells her he still loves her. It just somehow didn't make sense. I didn't like the portray of Jeremiah either; he seemed to be arrogant, joking too much, and immature--but still loving Belly. Conrad had grown up, but remained serious, aloof, disconnected. Eventually, Belly does get forever with one of the Fisher boys, forever. Like she always wanted.

The Liberation of Alice Love
Just last night I finished reading the Liberation of Alice Love by Abigail McDonald. Alice Love is a lawyer/contractor who lives a perfectly boring life. Until she finds out that the friend she just made, Ella, has stolen her bank account and her savings. Since Ella stole Alice's life, Alice begins to investigate Ella, going to all the places Ella made purchases, even following Ella to Rome and L.A. Alice uses different names, changing herself into Ella (since the real one stole Alice), Juliet, Angelique. But as Alice (the real one) follows the trail, she begins to tell lies, and hurts people she wishes she was real to.

And When Alice finds Ella, could it be possible to she realizes that Ella might have given her a less boring life? A life she should have been living. Ella constantly remains this aloof, exclusive, unknown character, and we never get all the answers. There's also Alice's sister, Flora, who misses her husband who travels a lot and wants a better relationship with Alice. And Cassie, Alice's other friends who has relationship issues. And Nathan, an investigator that helps Alice, helps and falls in love with? Alice ends up hurting a lot of people, but there is gain in the end. She is, like the title suggests, liberated.

Have to go, enjoy whatever books yall are reading!