Friday, August 12, 2011

Spring Broke and Double Take

First I read Spring Broke by Melody Carlson. It's the third in a series about four women who share a house on Bloomberg Street. Kendall, the owner of the house, broke and in lots of debt from being a shopaholic, not to mention caring for a puppy and with a baby on the way, she has to get it together. Her housemates help her plan a garage sale and to sell some designer things on eBay. Megan, the most practical and serious of the renters, is struggling with her job, and wishes she could start teaching, instead of designing homes for the wealthy. She questions her purpose and wants to do something more meaningful. Lelani, the beautiful Hawaiian wants to go home to Maui from spring break, but is afraid of her mother. She has a daughter that her parents are raising, Emma, and wants to do what's best for the both of them. And Anna is trying to deal with her Hispanic family and their attitudes toward her caring boyfriend and her friends, who are not Hispanic.

Lelani invites them, along with the boys, Marcus, Edmond, and Gil, to Maui with her. So the adventure begins. I really like to see how Kendall grew up a little in this novel and got involved with life and her unborn baby. I also really like Lelani in this book, as it is mostly about how she deals with what she wants for her future, and what do do about Emma. The characters really pull through for each other in this book. I would definitely recommend the Bloomberg series.

I read another novel by Melody Carlson, called Double Take. Madison Van Buren doesn't want to be herself anyone, tired of the pressures from her friends, family, and boyfriend, she heads west. Anna Fisher wishes to escape the simple life of the Amish and is concerned about her future in the Amish world. When they meet in a small town, they decide to switch lives for a week. Anna searches for directions to her love, Jacob. Madison learns not to judge and how to be patient, while helping Anna's Aunt Rachel and her five children. She begins to think about God and enjoys the simplicity and the nature of the land. Yes, they do both switch back, but they learn a lot. Anna understands what to do, and meets Malachi, who works for her uncle. Madison is reconnected to her old friend Lucy. Anna and Madison do a lot for each other, and for themselves. And God is there with them all the way, the Big Helper.

That's what I've been reading! Have a good week and happy reading ahead.