Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Queen of Water and Linger

Linger (The Wolves of Mercy Falls, #2)  The Queen of Water

My latest read is Linger by Maggie Stiefvater, a novel in the Wolves of Mercy Falls series. I loved Shiver, and Linger was good too, but not as good. I loved the wolves, especially the part where they are laying in a circle around Grace, waiting for her to shift. I liked how Grace was waiting to become a wolf, and Sam had waited and struggled to become human. I thought it was sad that a couple wolves died, and I thought Cole was a jerk, and had good reason for wanting to be a wolf; it was cruel he couldn't shift easily. I wished there was more of Sam's music, like there was in Shiver, and I hungered for more imagery. I LOVED the cover/jacket. The title comes from the quote: "We are not allowed to linger, even with what is most intimate." I liked this phrase: I was a paper boat drifting in a massive night ocean. I missed Olivia and Shelby in this novel. I think Cole and Isabel would have gotten along with Shelby. Shelby intrigued me in the last novel (so did Olivia). I liked how Sam made a thousand paper cranes to get his wish, to wish for Grace. I hope it comes true.

I also read The Queen of Water by Laura Resau. It's set in Ecuador, and is the story of Virginia, who becomes a servant at age of eight to Nino Carlos and Doctorita. They promise her school, a certificate, and a house. None of them ever come. Neither does pay. Or visits home once a month, like she wants. Because they tell her that if she goes home then her parents will sell her to another family. Honestly, this novel is beautiful and pure. Virginia is trapped in her role as a servant for years. She is kept from her love, Antonio, and from her fragile dreams, that threaten to break at any moment. They stole her childhood. But she triumphs, goes to school, works at a hotel. Her native language, dress, and family is foreign to her; she can speak only Spanish, dresses in regular clothes, not in an anaco, and doesn't belong in her village. She has been gone for too long, but still attempts to make a new life for herself. An inspiring read. Definitely recommended.