Saturday, March 26, 2011

Red Riding Hood Movie Review

I can't help but like Amanda Seyfridge. I saw Dear John, Letters to Juliet, and Mamma Mia; She was in all of those. She was also in Red Riding Hood, the new movie. I paid 10: 50 to see it. Talk about ridiculous. This movie was not worth 10:50, which is enough to say that few movies are worth that much to see, and there are none currently.

Ms. Amanda plays the role of Valerie (a name unsuited for her looks, in my opinion). She is in love with her best friend, Peter who is a woodcutter, but she is also engaged by her parents to Henry, a blacksmith. Henry and Peter are both "sigh-from-how-cute-they-are-guys" Valerie, Peter, and Henry are everywhere, being attractive, in this movie.

There are bigger problems, however, than Valerie's love life. The wolf that has threatened the village for two generations, eating their livestock, has killed a human. Valerie's older sister, Lucy. Lucy had loved Henry, but she couldn't marry him because Henry was in love with Valerie. He thought it was just a crush, and was in love with Valerie. The men decide to go slay the wolf, in which Henry's father is killed. The wolf they found is not their wolf. Their wolf is worse than just a wolf-- it is a werewolf.

Enter sir Solomon, a man who is worse than the wolf. The deal with the wolf is that "A man bitten is a man cursed." Werewolf blood is also passed by the generations. There are suspicions as to who the wolf is, since it is a man who lives among them. The blood moon comes, and the wolf enters the village. It kills those in its' path, until it find Valerie and her friend and corners them. It talks to Valerie, and she understands it. The wolf has dark brown eyes, like many in the village.

The friend tells sir Solomon that Valerie is a witch; Valerie does not deny the claims. Henry and Peter break her chains. Sir Solomon is bitten and "a man bitten is a man cursed". For those who are bitten, death comes before they can change with the moon.

Valerie's grandmother is the one who gives her the red cloak. She is also a cook and often makes stew. This is where the original fairy tale ties in.

And well, the ending is pretty great. But you know me, readers, that I am a sucker for endings.

I am not going to say whether you should or should not watch this movie. But I do know that it is not worth paying 10:50 for as amazing as Ms. Amanda and her guys are. So maybe wait for it come out on DVD and rent it. I also know that now that I have seen the movie I want to read the book.