Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tiny Once Upon a Time

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Hi yall. I know it's been a while since I've written about Once UAT. I've just been busy with school. I've missed a few episodes of OUAT, like I'm missing queen of hearts and the name of the brother, but for the most part I'm on track. The giant is back in this episode! We find out who Jack is and what the real story is concerning the giants, the magic beans, and how they got destroyed. A few questions get answered and a whole lot more come up.

In fairy tale land, the giant's realm, we see five or six giants sitting down to eat and celebrate the bean harvest. One of the giants, called Tiny by his brothers because he is smaller than the others, doesn't understand why they don't have interaction with the human world down below the beanstalk. The humans believe that the giants are dead (why?). The eldest  giant, Arlo, tells Tiny that the humans would kill the giants and steal their beans if they knew that they were alive, because all humans do is kill while the giants foster and create life. Tiny doesn't understand why they make the beans if no one uses them, to which Arlo replies it is their labor that is important, that it is their labor that defines them.

Tiny decides to climb down the beanstalk and find out about humans for himself. A flashback to the past takes us to Prince James (Prince Charming's twin brother) holding in his arms a woman in white with dark hair. King George comes in and tells James that he needs to go find a giant who is running around and find out why the giant is there.

So James and the woman, who dresses herself in much more Snow White esp garb, find the giant and welcome him to their realm. The woman, who introduces herself as Jacqueline, "but most people call me Jack," gives the giant a piece of mushroom that will temporarily make him smaller. She tells Anton/Tiny that she was given it by a village after she slayed a terrorizing jabberwalk for them. Jack's adventure happened in a far off land and she was given the mushroom by a "wise woman who swore by it's powers." I speculate if this land was Wonderland and if the wise woman was Cora. I also wonder about this woman, Jack, because from this episode very little is revealed about her.

Jack, James, and Anton go into the taven, but Jack gets up to argue with a knight. Jack tells Anton that the kingdom is heading for bankruptcy and Anton let's slip about treasure and tells them that he will bring them some of it. Back at the beanstalk, Anton is gathering treasure when Arlo comes in and asks where he was and Anton says he went down below and met some humans and that he wants to live in the Enchanted Forest. At that moment, century birds alert them of humans in their world.

James and Jack have climbed up the beanstalk because they believe that there are magic beans and they wanted them. They have tricked Anton/Tiny and claim that the giants should hand over the beans. Arlo says they cannot and Jack unsheathes her sword and they go to war. Soon only Arlo and Anton are left and Arlo tells Anton he must destroy the beans and salt the fields.

While Anton is doing so, Arlo is fighting, but Jack stabs him with her poisonous sword. He however catches her and stabs her with her own sword. Jack cries out to James, but he continues to gather treasure saying he has a kingdom to run and leaves her to die alone. In his dying breath, Arlo gives Anton a seed that can grow a beanstalk, but tells him that he will have to leave their home to do so, as the bean fields have been salted so nothing can grow. He tells Anton that he is the last of their kind, the giants, and that one day he will find a place to belong.

In the real world Storybrooke, Mary Margaret and David have Hook take them to his ship where they discover that Cora has make Anton small and brought him to Storybrooke. MM wakes him up and tells him it's all right and that's he's safe. However, as soon as the giant sees David,  he starts screaming at David and attacking him, because well James, the guy who looks just like David, took everything from him. However, Anton is shrunk so he cannot do much and MM, David, and Leroy (one of the dwarfs) stop him. Anton stomps off the ship saying he will get David (who he thinks is James) back.

David, MM, and Leroy go to the inn and discuss and figure out why the giant was angry. Regina also finds out and finds Anton sitting alone in the woods. She gives him a piece of mushroom to make him bigger and he goes slamming cars around and scaring people. David tells Anton the truth and MM says they are on his side and that Emma is their daughter, but she has gone out of town with Mr. Gold and Henry to find Mr. Gold's son (who I'm pretty convinced is Neal Cassady, Henry's father, based on the promo).

David offers his life in exchange for everyone else's in Storybrooke, but as the giant goes to stomp on him, Mary Margaret pulls him out of the way. The mushroom effects wear off at the moment and Anton falls down underground and is seen hanging onto a pipe. David goes down and the people of Storybrooke help pull him up. Although Anton says he does not want to live, David tells him that if he had wanted to die he would have let go already. They take Anton to the diner and he tells them everything Prince James and Jack did to him. David says that there are good people who exist and MM tells Anton he can stay at the inn, as Storybrooke is their home since they cannot go back to FTL. Anton pulls out the seed he was given and says maybe they can. He inspects the soil and plants it with the help of the dwarfs who give him an axe with and Tiny appears on it. I wonder if dwarves and giants are somehow related? Although, according to the writers Anton is not a dwarf and that the axe merely symbolizes his belonging. I guess that makes sense, because in FTL Anton was a giant. But he shrinks to normal human size in Storybrooke, so he's a dwarf there.

I want to know more about Jack, Prince James, and giants/dwarves, and I want to know what will happen with Emma, Henry, and Mr. Gold as they find his son. I am also looking foward to the tension growing between MM and David about returning to FTL. I don't know that they should, after all it's not their home anymore and it's not what it was. Maybe FTL is best left in the past.

Clips from this episode!

The last clip is just one I found. I haven't seen Astrid/Nova since season one and I think she needs to come back! There's so much unfinished to her story!