Saturday, May 21, 2011

Buildingsroman and Their Eyes were watching God

Buildingsroman: a coming of age novel
psychological, moral, and social maturity
protagonist grows from child to adult (maturity)
innocent to knowledgeable in ways of the world
told in connection to a journey
journey to maturity-impetos (reason)
example: loss, discontent, struggle
process is long, arduous (hard), repeated classes with society/societal expectations
protagonist moves away from conformity and ultimately accepts their role as an outsider within the society
lives in society, but remain individuals

Their Eyes were watching God
resilience, especially in the face of loss and disaster
equality-little interaction between whites and blacks, race and gender
acceptance and value of self, despite being judged by society
experiencing life-not being a bystander
spirituality and its value, connection to the universe and earth, respect, (not religion)
dialect, followed by figurative language
Janie's hair-identity as a woman, individuality
the horizon-faith
the muck-love, Tea Cake
the pear tree-sexual awakening
Figurative language:
metaphor and imagery